How to use this website

Using the Search tab you can search for data either by simply entering one or more keywords (or parts of words), or by choosing the Advanced search option.

Once a search has been made the Results tab is activated. Here you will see a brief display of each record resulting from your search. Click on a result to see more information in the Details tab. Navigate between results by clicking the forward and backward arrows. Use the Hierarchy browser in the Details tab to explore within an archive collection, from the top level of description ("fonds") downwards - click the "+" symbol to expand levels and view their contents.

On the Results and Details tabs you can mark records by clicking the checkboxes to the left of their titles. Records that you mark can be viewed in the Selection tab. You then are able to e-mail, print or download data about the records you have selected.

You can use the Search History tab to see your previous searches and repeat or refine any listed search.